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Last weekend I bought a new mobile wifi dongle from EE. It was half price at £24.99 and on just a 30 day contract, at £21 for 5GB data (which is not especially cheap). But I cancelled the contract after two days and got myself a new £130 modem for £46, which I don’t think is too bad, especially as I can currently get 20GB per month for £20 from a company called Mobi-Data. They use Three’s mobile network, which is very good for data. Their 3G speeds are nearly as fast as EE’s 4G, and when Three upgrade to 4G there will be no price rise, supposedly.

For details on unlocking and upgrading this router click here.

One thought on “Discount 4G Mobile Broadband

  1. I guess the half price deal has expired now (at least I can’t find such an offer). However I have done something similar which is still available to do – quidco are offering £31 cash back ( for 30 day contract on dongle/wifi. This means £50 up front, £21 for 30 day contract, £31 cashback – total £40 outlay.

    Of course quidco cashback can be fickle at times…

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