Ford Sync 1.0/1.1 Update Fix (with download)


There is a known bug in the downloadable update to Ford’s Sync 1.1 system as fitted to various models such as the Fiesta, B-Max and Kuga. The problem is caused by the files being generated in the wrong format. Sync 1 was based on Windows Embedded, and therefore requires files formatted using standard Windows convention, with separate Carriage Return and Line Feed control characters.

One of the files in the update package must have been created on a different OS, as it uses more generic Line Feed controls only. The difference can be seen by viewing in Windows Notepad with the Status Bar enabled.

Original file as provided by Ford

The fix is pretty straightforward, using Notepad you can simply replace these characters by using the Delete and Return keys at the end of each line of the file. Here’s one I prepared earlier.

Modified install.lst file

You’re welcome to download the update yourself from the offical Ford Sync site and modify it yourself, or to make life easier, I’ve provided a downloadable version here. I will try and keep this updated if any future releases are made available. Please note, the download is about 663 MB and is from a Google Drive link. Download File.