Music – In Progress

I listen to a lot of music. I have what is known as an “eclectic” mixture of tastes. That’s pretty much a euphemism for “crap”, but I don’t care 😉

I also like to play around with a MIDI keyboard and synthesizer software such as LMMS. The results are generally terrible, but I supppose it’s harmless fun. When/if I get better I might add some to this page.

Here are some links to some of the bands/artists I like. Assume that anything you listen to is going to be unsafe for a work or family environment. It’s safer that way.

I suppose I should sort these in some way. How about I start with the ones I’ve seen live, and work from there…

  • VNV Nation – Quite possibly the best band in the world if you think like me. Irish/English duo who are based in Germany.
  • Covenant – Epic Swedish electronics
  • XMH – Slightly mental Dutch three piece
  • Da Octopusss! – They might be French and they might destroy your eardrums, but it’ll be well worth it
  • Inertia – Cool London based group fronted by Reza Udhin (also plays with Killing Joke).
  • Duran Duran – Well I said eclectic didn’t I?
  • Erasure – See?
  • Editors
  • Heretics – Chilled out but excellent, melodical and a bit political with it.
  • Click Click – They don’t even look like mice.

Now to list some of the bands I’d really like to see/meet

Free Music to download.

The following tracks were created by my brother in law, Richard Warne. He’s way better with a synthesizer than I am. Feel free to listen, download and share. Or even suggest a title!