Product Review: Transcend DrivePro 200 Dashcam

DrivePro 200

The DrivePro 200 is the midrange model in a range of midrange cameras. The basic model is the DrivePro 100, which simply records. The 200 adds WiFi connectivity, so that footage can be streamed live to a mobile device, and the top model, the 220 has these features plus GPS speed and location recording. Clear?

The Camera itself is not particularly small or discreet, it’s about 3″ square with a large circular design around the lens. The rear is taken up mainly by a 2.4″ screen and four function buttons.

One of these buttons activates the Wifi, a neat trick that allows the camera to act as a wireless access point. Connected devices can then view the live stream from the camera or access recorded clips.

Picture quality is pretty decent, you may need to experiment with the expoure settings. I found the sky was getting burnt out, so turned it down a notch, though this did lead to slightly darker images in winter months.

The wide angle lens does mean that objects can appear further away than they really are, and also makes number plates that bit harder to read. It does give a very good overview of the traffic situation.

The camera simply starts recording when it’s plugged in, and stops when power is lost. The videos can be saved in 1 minute clips up to a maximum of 5 minutes.  SD cards up to a maximum of 32GB can be used, which gives approximately 4 hours of recording at 1080p resolution and best quality. Once the card is full it simply overwrites the oldest material in a continuous 4 hour loop. An accelerometer detects impacts and will automatically save accident footage in a separate folder that is not overwritten.

Sample videos are available on this page here.